Data Harmony, AI Clarity

Traditional sectors like manufacturing and construction often rely on inefficient methods like manual data entry, leading to errors and high costs. For example, manual HR data entry can cost up to $12 per entry, and manual time tracking in manufacturing can lead to $3,500 in lost productivity per employee annually.

Amaya uses AI to automate these tasks, improving accuracy and saving time and costs. AI-powered data entry can achieve up to 99.5% accuracy, reducing mistakes and correction time. AI also integrates disparate systems and breaks down data silos for improved decision-making and efficiency.

Yet, integrating AI into these sectors isn't easy. It involves blending old and new tech, requires significant investment, and faces a shortage of AI expertise. Despite the challenges, many companies hesitate to adopt AI due to high costs and wages for AI specialists.

Amaya helps these industries implement AI solutions, improving data quality, security, and transparency. This not only reduces costs but also gives them a competitive advantage. By collaborating with industry experts, Amaya aids in creating AI-driven ecosystems, leading to the development of the organization's own AI Operating System for a stronger market position.

Amaya unifies varied data from different platforms, overcoming challenges posed by data silos. It uses AI to restructure and harmonize data, improving accessibility, integrity, and user experience.

Amaya acts as a crucial bridge to the future for these traditional sectors, making the shift to AI not just possible but also profitable. Amaya's vision is to embed an AI operating system into the fabric of these legacy industries, making it an invisible yet potent ally in the everyday tasks of the workforce.

Partnership Model

Amaya has a unique partnership model based on three pillars —

  • Shared Vision — Choosing Amaya provides more than just technology, it provides expertise. We comprehend the complexities of industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture where errors are costly. Amaya offers a custom solution and specialist insights to enhance your operations, preparing your organization for present and future challenges.
  • Joint Operations & Governance — We focus on building a decades-lasting partnership that grows with your organization. Amaya works closely with your team, changing our methods to suit your specific needs and situation. This way, AI isn't just an extra feature, but a key part of your organization’s success, built to offer benefits both today and down the line.
  • Customer EnablementAmaya offers more than just software support. We continually enhance your AI Operating System with updates, hardware, and strategic advice to empower your team. This allows you to lead in innovation, technology integration, and idea exploration.

How We Work


Our Process

  1. Discovery & Current User Workflows: In the initial phase, we thoroughly understand your business. This involves discovering your workflows, identifying issues, and understanding challenges and opportunities. We examine user roles, tasks, and system interactions. This gives us a complete view of your operations and helps us design an AI solution for your specific needs and objectives.
  2. Wireframes & Data Aggregation Models: In this phase, we design your AI solution. We create user-friendly interface wireframes and develop efficient data aggregation models. We strategize the best ways to collect, integrate, and organize your data for optimum AI usage, aligning technical aspects with your business needs.
  3. Implementation & Testing: In this phase, the AI solution is implemented and tested in real-world conditions to identify potential issues. This critical phase allows adjustments before full integration and launch.
  4. DevOps & Continued Maintenance: DevOps, merging software creation and IT for swift delivery, is crucial for AI solutions. Continuous Maintenance, though optional, updates and fixes the AI system in response to evolving business needs and technology changes, ensuring long-term AI integration success.


To assess if Amaya is the right fit for your organization, we encourage you to share some context about your project. Reach out to us at

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